Once you've downloaded Alpha x Sales Advisors from the App Store, you can start the sign up with the basic Alpha version or subscribe for Alpha Premium. 

We've simplified the sign up process by only asking the most essential questions to get you set up. 

Once you've share your phone number we'll authenticate with a verification code and from there on you will only have to provide your name, place you live, and store/brand you work for. 




My number doesn't work, how do I sign up?

Make sure you've selected the right country code and used the correct format. You should receive a verification code shortly after. 

I don't live where I work, does that matter? 

No, for now we just want to make sure we know who's signing up from where and for which brand so we can help you extend your reach and network. 

I work at several stores, which do I add here? 

Start where you have a loyal and large client base and we'll work on a solution for ...

What's a Licensed Program Code? 

If you've joined Alpha through a company/brand program you will receive an access code from your managers. This will give you access to Alpha Enterprise/ Premium. 



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